the out-laws dvd review

DVD REVIEW: The Out-Laws

The celebrated dark comedy The Out-Laws is on DVD now…


Following their parents death, the five Goethal sisters had grown closer than ever – that is until Goedele (Inga Paulussen) chose to marry the obnoxious Jean Claude (Dirk Roofthooft), causing a rift between the family. Plotting to get rid of their spiteful brother-in-law, who seems to have as many lives as a cat, the sisters come up with a number of schemes to once and for all be rid of their tormentor.

Blood is thicker than water, or so the old saying goes. Yet in life you don’t really get much say in choosing who your family are, not least so when it comes to your in-laws. Sometimes it helps to have a little perspective in these matters, which is exactly what the four sisters ponder when they conspire to kill the fifth’s husband.

Jean Claude is a man who takes pride in abusing the weak, so much so that when he finally gets his comeuppance you hope it’s delivered in the most gruesome and terrible way imaginable. Upon marrying the sweetest of the sisters, he enacts to make her life and the lives of those around her a living hell. He is cruelness personified.

The Out-Laws dvd review

We open up to his funeral by the time the show starts. Two insurance investigators are trying to uncover whether his death was an accident or not, leading us through various flashbacks of the sisters’ scheming along the way. Together, the two timelines match up nicely to create a compelling narrative in this classic who-dunnit with a twist.

Where the show series really excels is in the characterisation department however, with both the writers and cast outdoing themselves to deliver a more rounded story arc. It’s as if it all comes naturally to them – maybe the crew is hiding something we don’t know about them? Either way, it just goes to show that it’s not just the chocolate that’s dark in Belgium.

The Out-Laws is a darkly, satisfying comedic masterpiece that scratches the itch you didn’t even know you had. Despite not having the stature or backing of some of its more well-known British counterparts, it just goes to show that good writing will shine through in the end.

The Out-Laws is brought to you by Nordic Noir & Beyond and is now available to own on DVD.


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